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What is SingleSource

Customers want great transactional experiences. Businesses want low-risk clients with easy onboarding and retention. But with so many compliance and regulatory requirements, this can be difficult.

This is where SingleSource comes in. SingleSource is a decentralised risk scoring and identity platform that enables frictionless business transactions that are secure, build trust and eliminate fraud for a safer, fairer market place.


Why SingleSource

Absolute, verified identity

Using blockchain technology, SingleSource provides businesses with verified and attested identity data. As the customer owns their data, and our distributed ledger technology attests to the validity, businesses get all the benefit of a secure KYC process and none of the pain.

Calculated risk in real-time

Customers want frictionless transactions, businesses need less risk. With SingleSource, client risk scores are updated and calculated in real-time; every transaction enhancing the last. Our aim is to both eliminate fraud for businesses and improve the process for customers.

Seamless digital transactions

With its fully digital, real-time data validation and risk score calculation, SingleSource is the answer to effortless transactions. For businesses, it provides high speed and cost-effective customer on-boarding and retention. For clients, it means transacting with just one click.

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Our Partners

  • centrality ai
  • GECKO Crypto1
  • Sylo
  • Crypto Token Investment Advisory
  • Token Generator

What they say

“SingleSource is globally leading the way in providing individual control over the use of risk score data, whilst providing organisations with the ability to contribute to, and securely access, this data to make informed business decisions. Their solutions power our Crypto1 platform.”

Shane Brett, CEO
GECKO Governance

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