Facebook Knows Who You Are. Even if You Don't Have a Profile. Really.

Why Don't Companies Invest in CyberSecurity?

Why Do Companies Wait so Long to Disclose Hacks of Customer Data?

What Kind of Information Does Twitter Have About You?

The Hard Reality: Google Knows You Better Than You Know Yourself.

What does Facebook Know About You? Besides Everything.

Facebook Doesn't Seem to do Much to Earn our Trust

The Marriott Hack: Looking Back

Who Needs to Abide By AML/CFT Regulations in New Zealand?

AML Obligations and FATF– What You Should Be Doing to Reduce Fraud

Facial Recognition Software for Citizen Security

How Secure Is Facial Recognition Technology?

A Guide to KYC for FinTech Startups

Using Digital Identities to Streamline Customer Onboarding

SingleSource nominated as Top 10 KYC Solution Providers 2018 by Banking CIO Outlook

KYC and AML Explained

The Largest Data Breaches & How to Keep them from Taking you Down

SingleSource 2018 Year in Review

Reducing the Risk of Fraud for Cryptocurrency Exchanges

Case Study: Organisations Fined for AML Regulatory Breaches

SingleSource secures Callaghan Innovation R&D grant to advance decentralised digital identity and risk-scoring platform

Can Implementing a Distributed Ledger Lead to Better Security for Digital Identities?

How Many Digital Identities Have You Accumulated?

Using Blockchain to Improve Identity Management in Finance

How Are Organisations Vulnerable to Fraud?

Back to Hong Kong. Next stop: Singapore

Australian Government Agency Approves SingleSource as a Gateway Service Provider for Document Verification Service

How Is Blockchain Changing Financial Services?

SingleSource to Partner with Delta Insurance to Reinforce Cyber Security

Long-term Benefits of Blockchain - How can it be used and why is it important?

SingleSource Partners with GECKO to Improve Transparency, Compliance and Governance of Token Sales

5 Things You Should Know About Investing in Blockchain Technology

Japanese IoT Provider Jasmy to Integrate SingleSource KYC

Eloom partners with SingleSource to screen investors for its upcoming Initial Token Offering

Kelvin’s insights from his recent investor roadshow in Asia (2018)

GECKO Governance awards the GECKO Stamp of Attestation to SingleSource

How AML Requirements Are Changing for Finance

The SingleSource Token Overview

Managing Digital Identities for Crypto Exchanges

The SingleSource Project

Cove Adopts SingleSource’s Electronic Identity Verification

Mark the date! Our Token Generation Event (TGE) is coming soon.

AML Requirements for Crypto Exchanges

Using Digital Identities to Prevent the Risk of Fraud for Global Citizens

Live demo at Japan Blockchain Conference 2018

5 Tips to Evaluate an ICO

KYC Requirements for ICOs

Using Blockchain to Create a Digital Identity

Knowing Your Customer in New Zealand

ICO Fraud: Mitigating the Potential Risks

Identity Theft: Why Is It Still an Issue Today?

Know your customer in the blockchain ocean

Our Top 8 take aways from Japan Blockchain Conference 2018

SingleSource customer eloom revolutionising the energy industry with blockchain technology

4 ways blockchain technology prevents fraud, reduces risk, and helps consumers with ownership of data

Top 10 Trends Crypto Investors Should Look Out For

GDPR: The Blockchain Iceberg

SingleSource protocol for decentralised risk scoring & fraud prevention

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