Japanese IoT Provider Jasmy to Integrate SingleSource KYC

Posted by Christelle Blanchet-Aissaoui on 10/18/18 3:35 PM
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Tokyo, Japan & Auckland, NZ, October 18th, 2018 - SingleSource, pioneers in decentralised identity and risk scoring have partnered with Japanese Internet of Things (IoT) provider Jasmy to integrate SingleSource’s Know Your Customer (KYC) product into its platform.

Founded by former Sony president and COO Kunitake Ando, Jasmy is a Japan-based IoT provider that seeks to create an optimal IoT platform which allows people around the globe benefit from the IoT revolution - all while maintaining control over their data. Currently, much of the data generated by IoT devices, which includes personal data about users, remains under the control of companies providing the IoT infrastructure. Jasmy’s platform aims to give individuals the right to their own data and keep it safe and secure.

Integrating blockchain technology into IoT ecosystem is a logical way to both enable this and allow Jasmy to create a framework that can be widely used across industry and business. As part of this, Jasmy has turned to SingleSource’s blockchain-based KYC product. SingleSource’s KYC identity protocol will be used to both verify users interacting with the Jasmy IoT platform, and ultimately to power the identity of the devices connecting to the platform. This will create a whole new way of interaction between people and IoT devices.

SingleSource CEO Kelvin Chandran says this is a truly innovative marriage of two revolutionary technologies. “We’re excited to partner with a such a forward-thinking company as Jasmy, and this will give us the opportunity to prove the utility of our blockchain-powered product to enable security in an exciting area of technological development.”

Masanobu Yoshida, Deputy President, Jasmy Corporation says, “We look forward to building a partnership with SingleSource and hope to collaborate with them in delivering an IoT solution to Japanese customers, with unmatched data security and user experience.”

About Jasmy Corporation

Jasmy is an IoT provider with a mission to create an optimal platform that customers worldwide can use easily, safely and securely. IoT has the potential to drastically change people’s lives, including how they utilise food, clothing, housing and mobile. But currently, important data generated from daily activities tends to be occupied by a handful of companies. Jasmy’s platform aims to give individuals the right to their own data and keep it safe and secure. With this in mind, Jasmy will integrate blockchain technology into IoT and create a framework that can be widely used across industry and business boundaries. Jasmy’s team consists of members with diverse experience including electronics, mechanics, communications, devices and system integration.

About SingleSource

SingleSource Platform Pte. Ltd (“SingleSource”) provides a decentralised risk scoring and identity protocol that puts the individual in control of their own personal data by leveraging blockchain technology. Our vision is to support a safer and fairer marketplace for the individual to transact with businesses so that they receive the best value for the service, while enabling organisations to trust the individual and eliminate financial fraud. SingleSource is powered by Centrality, one of the world’s leading, blockchain venture studios.

Website: www.mysinglesource.io

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