Our Top 8 take aways from Japan Blockchain Conference 2018

Posted by Kelvin Chandran on 7/4/18 12:07 PM
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MySingleSource at Japan Blockchain Conference 2018

The SingleSource team is buzzing after returning from our time in Tokyo at the Japan Blockchain Conference! Aaron, Ollie and I had the opportunity to meet lots of passionate people creating innovative applications in the blockchain industry, and lots of people interested in seeing what can be done with the technology. We also showcased the SingleSource product publicly for the first time, and have since received some really positive feedback from consumers and investors alike.

Here are the top 2 take aways from Tokyo from the SingleSource team. 



"Our time at the Japan Blockchain Conference was really mind blowing, and an experience I won't forget. My key take aways were;

1. The excitement and buzz generated immediately after each of our live stage sessions, where people flocked to our booth to find out more about SingleSource and share their positive thoughts on the demo of the Centrality ecosystem. A few selfie requests by the audience along the way was certainly a humbling experience for me! More importantly, our Japanese audience shared our vision of having a trusted digital identity that is controlled by them. They could immediately relate to this and saw how it simplifies their daily interactions with businesses and applications. The most asked question was...When will SingleSource be available in Japan?

2. The Japanese people have really embraced blockchain. It connects people of all ages, we met young crypto investors straight out of university through to experienced business people, all sharing a genuine passion for a different future than today."

Aaron at the Japan Blockchain Conference


"The two key things I took away from the conference were:

1. People were extremely excited to see our working demos of the actualSingleSource product. It was even more amazing to be able to stand on the stage in front of more than 5000 smart Japanese people, and show off how each of the products in the Centrality eco system work together. For example SingleSource and Sylo. We showed this real time without a glitch or lag - that's when the crowd was super impressed. I had a lot of people come up to us and congratulate us on what the team had created. That felt like a real win!

2. The second most impressive part for me was how switched on the Japanese community is towards blockchain technology. It just goes to show how Japan is very much at the heart of blockchain technology in the world. The questions we were asked were intelligent and came from a super aware and knowledgable place. I could totally sense how the crowd in Japan is hoping for blockchain to take over the world. They're ready for it!"

Ollie's key event take aways


The great energy and buzzing vibe at the Blockchain Conference in Tokyo was just amazing to be part of. Around 12,000 people over 2 days walking around, talking about blockchain technology, watching demos, and asking questions made me feel like I was in a totally new world. Our SingleSource booth was overflowing with interested people and we spent every second interacting with the excited crowd. The top 4 Tokyo take aways for me however are;

1. Identity and KYC (know your customer) = our common language. This applies to everyone who showed up at JBC. No matter who you are, what you do, where you're from, or what language you speak - we all share the same identity problem.

2. I was particularly impressed with the level of awareness regarding security & privacy. Individuals are becoming more and more aware of how their identity data can be protected with the use of blockchain technology. This was demonstrated by the amount of interest shown towards our product.

3. People care about the product - the amount of interest in our product was a testament to the fact that nothing promotes a product like a kick ass product itself. And when your product is designed keeping people at it's very centre, people appreciate it pretty generously. We were one of a few ones at the conference that had a product to demonstrate that was actually working on the blockchain and this brought a huge amount of interest from investors and people wanting our services immediately! That was a huge compliment to us and reassured us that the direction we're going in is in line with what the consumers want i.e. ownership to their data. And that's exactly what MySingleSource is here to offer!

4. The most humbling thing for me to experience at the conference was a personal endorsement from Mr Kunitake Ando, the former President of Sony Group. After seeing our demo and what SingleSource as part of the bigger Centrality eco-system is working on, he told us how impressed he was with us. On leaving he made a special mention about SingleSource and said that it was the stand out product of the family and that without SingleSource nothing worked."

In summary the feedback from the attendees of the Japan Blockchain Conference made us all feel even more confident in MySingleSource and we can't wait for the rest of the world to see it now.

For more information on how MySingleSource works, download the full whitepaper here.

Download the full whitepaper here

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