Facebook Knows Who You Are. Even if You Don't Have a Profile. Really.

Posted by James on 7/10/19 11:30 AM

In April of this year Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, had some special airtime with the United States Congress. This two-day questioning period revealed a lot about both sides of the table. 1) Some members of Congress don’t have a great understanding of social networks, and 2) There is a lot more that Facebook knows about people than most of its 1 B + users realize.

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What Kind of Information Does Twitter Have About You?

Posted by James on 6/26/19 5:19 AM

While not the worst, Twitter is not the most innocent, either.

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Facebook Doesn't Seem to do Much to Earn our Trust

Posted by James on 5/8/19 10:40 AM

One of our favorite social media giants with whom we seem to have a love-hate relationship is back in the news as they are on the receiving end of a lawsuit by the attorney general from Washington, D.C. It seems as if they are always in and out of the public eye with some scandal or another. While they are holding true to their goal of connecting people, sometimes they do it a little too well—and at what expense? It’s becoming a little too common that they don’t quite have honesty as a top priority in terms of communicating and upholding the privacy policy governing their users’ personal data. Is their mantra not actually build community and bring the world closer together? Maybe it’s profit over privacy. This has gone so overboard it may be time for a breakup.

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Facial Recognition Software for Citizen Security

Posted by Kelvin Chandran on 3/4/19 10:28 AM

Advancements in biometric security solutions like facial recognition technology have led governments and organisations alike to utilise this technology.

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How Secure Is Facial Recognition Technology?

Posted by Kelvin Chandran on 2/21/19 10:30 AM

Facial recognition and other biometrics technologies have gained massive adoption from a wide range of companies in the past few years. In this article, we'll examine how these technologies work. Then, we'll look at some current real-world applications as well as the risks and benefits for individuals and organisations.

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How Many Digital Identities Have You Accumulated?

Posted by Kelvin Chandran on 11/19/18 10:54 AM

Before the rising popularity of the internet, most people relied upon only a few forms of offline identity. As more people started to utilise web-based technologies, we saw a rise in the creation of several, disparate digital identities. As a result, end users today are finding it more difficult to manage data across various platforms while also maintaining data privacy. This is all part of the complex history of digital identity.

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Identity Theft: Why Is It Still an Issue Today?

Posted by Kelvin Chandran on 7/17/18 9:43 AM

Despite having a number of solutions to prevent identity theft, consumers around the world continue to face this issue every day. In this post, we will look at a few stats to see just how common identity theft is, examine the major reasons why it still exists, and assess how blockchain can play a vital role in the future of identity protection.

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4 ways blockchain technology prevents fraud, reduces risk, and helps consumers with ownership of data

Posted by Kelvin Chandran on 6/25/18 6:00 AM

Innovations in blockchain technology have already begun to change the way the global economy works. Blockchain not only allows for the creation of new digital currencies but also vastly improves the future of consumer protection.

In this article, we feature four major consumer benefits created by the development and adoption of blockchain.

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