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Verify source of funds with decentralized ledger technology.

SingleSource Distributed AML is a RESTful API that analyses wallet data including transactions and generates a risk score. This risk score is calculated after the wallet has been profiled using proprietary algorithms and machine learning in our Wallet Screening Engine (WSE). We've got your anti-money laundering needs covered with next generation technology.

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Data Points

Data Points scheme



Safeguard trust your platform

Ensure your clients can trade with confidence


Confident Regulators

Meet the demand of regulators in this fast-changing market


Fast to implement

A single API enables you to swiftly implement AML once and for all


Always up to date

Continuous monitoring to ensure your customer’s risk profile is always up to date


Compliance made easy

We make fulfilling your AML regulatory requirements practical and affordable


Onboard with confidence

With real-time data verification and anti-money laundering alerts



Gives you access to numerous trusted data sources and government registries, including Thomson Reuters and Interpol.


Government Accredited

First blockchain company to be accredited by a Government Agency in NZ and Australia.


Privacy Compliance

We comply to relevant global privacy standards, including GDPR.


Machine Learning

Machine learning enables our Fraud Intelligence Engine to create a holistic assessment of risk.

How It Works


Behind the Scenes

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