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Identity & Risk Scoring Platform

We're creating a decentralised digital identity that enables frictionless business transitions that are secure, build trust and eliminate fraud.

We currently offer two modern API-driven products, built on our risk scoring engine, that go beyond the normal point-checks provided by other suppliers. Our risk score delivers a holistic view of an individual’s identity and fraud risk, in real-time.

Our Identity & Risk Scoring platform helps you streamline your customer onboarding while meeting your KYC and AML compliance obligations.

SingleSource eKYC

Undertake comprehensive KYC check.

Fraud Intelligence Engine

SingleSource Crypto-AML

Verify source of fund for crypto currency wallets.

Wallet Screening Engine



Onboard with Confidence

With our real-time data verification process, you make the right decisions faster than ever.


Fast to Implement

A single API enables you to swiftly implement KYC and crypto-wallet checking, once and for all.


Compliance made easy

We make fulfilling your KYC and AML regulatory requirements, practical and affordable.


Always up to date

Continuous monitoring to ensure your customer’s risk profile is always up to date.
  • Download the eKYC: Identity Checking Product Sheet
  • Download the AML: Wallet Screening Product Sheet


  • One API gives you access to numerous trusted data sources and government registries, including Thomson Reuters and Interpol.
  • First blockchain company to be accredited by a Government Agency in NZ and Australia.
  • Verify source of funds and complete real-time AML checks on crypto-wallets.
  • We comply to relevant global privacy standards, including GDPR.
  • Machine learning enables our Fraud Intelligence Engine to create a holistic assessment of risk.
  • Aligns to the highest e-KYC standards, including FINMA (CH) and FMA (LI).
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“SingleSource helps ensure our funding and investment community meets KYC and AML regulatory requirements. Becoming one of the very first Asset-Backed — Security Token, regulated in Liechtenstein and accepted in the European Union, was only made possible thanks to a partner like SingleSource.”

Marc Lanz, Co-Founder & CMO