Our Token

The Certitude token (CERTI) is the currency for the Single Source ecosystem. The token allows service organisations, agencies and individuals to interact with one another via the CERTI token market and the SingleSource Risk Scoring platform. Participants in the SingleSource ecosystem can both utilise and receive CERTI tokens depending on the type of activities undertaken.

certitude token ecosystem

Pre-Sale Token Raise

SingleSource issued “CERTI Round A” tokens and completed an “Early Contribution Round” in February 2018. CERTI Round A Tokens were issued yielding approx. US$ 5,000,000. These tokens will automatically be converted into the relevant number of CERTI tokens at the planned main token sale.

The purpose of the pre-sale was to enable SingleSource to assemble a best in class team to develop the SingleSource Platform ready for market. At 31 August 2018, funds have been spent in the following proportions:

pre-sale token raise

Pre-Sale Token Raise - Development Work Completed

Product Roadmap

Development of risk scoring and fraud engine by Propello Solutions Ltd.

CERTI Token PreSale.
Decision by Propello Solutions Ltd to integrate risk scoring with identity protocol and become Blockchain enabled.

SingleSource Platform Pte. Ltd incorporated.

CERTI Round A (Pre-sale) token sale completed. 

MySingleSource Demo Prototype.
Design of MySingleSource dApp
Develop SingleSource Risk Scoring Platform & MySingleSource iOS demo prototype (iOS)

MySingleSource Internal Alpha.
MySingleSource internal alpha release (iOS/Android).

SingleSource Platform
ID Document Verification (OCR)
Liveness Test
Facematch Verification
Profile/Risk Scoring Platform
Sanctions / PEP Verification
NZ Govt. (DIA/NZTA) Integration.

Identity Protocol
Identity Protocol Design & Development
Smart Contract Design. 

MySingleSource Closed Beta.

Identity Protocol
Identity Protocol - Authorisation/Recovery
Identity Protocol - Consumption Ready.

Platform Development
Risk Scoring Platform, KYC/AML
Smart Contract Deployment
MySingleSource Mobile Deep-Linking SDK
CERTI Wallet
Drivers License / ID Card Verification
Main Token Sale Begins (October) 

MySingleSource Launch.

Platform Development
MySingleSource SSO SDK
AppStore/Google PlayStore Release
Entity Resolution
Integration with govt authorities in key operational markets.

Sales & Marketing
Growing MySingleSource demand for Identity Requesters in key operational markets. 

Global Expansion - Phase 1.

Sales & Marketing
Global expansion - key targets
Key Integration with Govt. Authorities

Platform Development
MySingleSource - Custodianship
Growing MySingleSource demand for Identity Requesters 

Global Expansion - Phase 1.
Consolidation / Continuation 

Token Generating Event ("TGE") - Token Distribution


Stakeholder Description Token Split
SingleSource Platform Pte. Ltd CERTI reserves to allow for further expansion and future  marketing costs. 750 million 37.5%
Tokens issued for sale Tokens issued at TGE. This includes those allocated for the conversion of CERTI Round A tokens. 650 million 32.5%
SingleSource Ltd Founder tokens. These tokens will be allocated to founding shareholders at TGE. These tokens must be held for 24 months post TGE. 400 million 20%
Developers Incentives for staff and developers to progress and maintain the platform. Allocations to be determined. 200 million 10%
Total   2 000 000 000  

SingleSource aims to raise US$25m from the sale of 650m CERTI tokens in the TGE

Note: Pre-sale Token holders have been allocated approx. US$5M of this already

Main Sale - Use of Funds

CERTI Tokens sold during the token sale will be used to fund the development and deployment of the SingleSource protocol and CERTI ecosystem.

The allocation of funds (excluding Pre-sale funds) from the main sale token raise is as follows (subject to the full amount being raised):




What is a CERTI Token?

CERTI is the Token that powers the SingleSource ecosystem. CERTI Tokens are utility tokens that pay our ecosystem partners for their services (e.g. attestation), as well as to use the SingleSource identity and c-AML services or to pay end users for access to their personal data. CERTI will be issued in accordance with ERC20 standards based on the Ethereum Network.


What do you plan to achieve with your token sale?

The majority of funds raised will be dedicated to the development of the SingleSource protocol and services within the ecosystem. A portion of funds have also been allocated to the expansion of SingleSource sales and marketing operations to develop a robust ecosystem with global reach.

What benefits can people expect when buying your tokens?

Holders of CERTI will have access to the SingleSource protocol, services and associated technologies / applications built on the SingleSource protocol.

How will demand grow for your token?

CERTI is required by the protocol to consume services, and as demand for SingleSource services grow, so will the demand for CERTI tokens. SingleSource is currently building a pipeline of customers to consume services / tokens. Examples of where CERTI will be required for services on the platform: 

  • To obtain attestations (e.g. passport verification)
  • To undertake KYC
  • To undertake wallet screening
  • To maintain a risk score.

How will the token be created?

CERTI's will be minted/created in a smart contract. Once buyers have been approved, they will send ETH to this smart contract and the corresponding amount of CERTI's will be sent to the specified wallet address.

What is the value of your token?

The price of one CERTI token is USD 4.2 cents.

Can the token be mined?

No, CERTI's can only be minted and earned. 

How many tokens are being released for the token sale? What is happening to the rest them?

650 million (32.5%) tokens will available for the token sale. 37.5% of total tokens will be kept in reserve by SingleSource Platform for future development and expansion of the ecosystem.

20% of minted tokens are allocated to the founders, with 10% of tokens reserved for future developers and team members as an incentive for continued development of the platform. 

How many tokens are allocated to your team?

The founding team have been allocated 20% of tokens to ensure a personal incentive to grow the ecosystem and develop the platform. These tokens are subject to a 24 month lockdown period to ensure true value is created in the project. There is no token allocation for advisors.

Where will the token be tradable?

We are working with exchanges and expect to be listed on these exchanges within a reasonable timeframe post TGE. Announcement will be provided in due course.

When do I get my tokens?

The purchase of tokens will be completed via the tokens sales application. Upon receipt of the correct amount of ETH, a smart contract will execute the purchase of tokens automatically. Note: This process is decentralised. 

What will happen to the tokens not sold in the token sale?

We are anticipating that all tokens will be sold during the sale. In the unlikely event of any unsold tokens, these will be allocated to SingleSource to be used as incentivising, development and reserves. 

Will additional tokens be created in after the main sale is completed?

A fixed supply of 2,000,000,000 will be minted and issued at token sale. There will be no further tokens created or issued.

Where are the tokens being stored?

You will store CERTI's in your own wallet, they are under the control of your own private key.

How can I use the tokens?

You will be able to use CERTI upon the successful transition to the tokenised SingleSource protocol. Partners/customers of SingleSource will already have access to SingleSource services and utility. 

New announcement of additional services and use cases of CERTI will be provided in due course.

How can a token holder benefit?

As the protocol is progressively developed and utility within in the ecosystem is increased, so will the utility value of CERTI as there will be more use cases for the token. 

Who are your partners?

SingleSource recently partnered with Centrality.ai to assist with the development and growth of the SingleSource Protocol. SingleSource has been growing our customer and partnership pipeline, we will announce official partnerships and customer relationships in the coming months. 

How is the CERTI token regulated by tax authorities?

Please seek an independent expert advice for your jurisdiction as the treatment and transfer of CERTI may vary depending on jurisdiction.

How is your token maintained in a legal field?

CERTI's will be issued by SingleSource Platform Pte. Ltd. The company has taken legal, accounting and taxation advice regarding structuring of our token event and token design.

Is there a Token Cap?

Yes, we have set a hard cap of USD 25,000,000.


Is SingleSource an open source project?

Yes. We'll be looking to open source our identity protocol at a later date.

What is MySingleSource?

MySingleSource is our end user decentralised application (dAPP) that enables the individual to interact with the SingleSource identity and risk scoring protocol. It is a self-sovereign identity management dApp that allows you to control your own personal information. Your identity created in the MySingleSource dApp can be re-used across all participants of the SingleSource ecosystem. 

What is the roadmap?

We're looking to launch our beta in Q4 2018. The full product roadmap is available on our website.

How will smart contracts be used?

SingleSource smart contracts facilitate and incentivise the exchange of attested claim sets authorised on the SingleSource network.

Can I see the smart contract?

Yes, these will be made public. 

Note: No personal identifiable data will never be stored on chain. 

What aspects of this project are decentralised?

The SingleSource identity system consists of two key components: MySingleSource & SingleSource Risk Scoring Platform.

Whilst MySingleSource is a fully decentralised, self-sovereign identity management application, the SingleSource risk scoring platform is a centralised system that provides ID verification and background check on identity information received from MySingleSource. Information received from MySingleSource will not be persisted on the risk scoring platform. 

Is there an Identity Protocol toolkit for DApp development?

SingleSource is developing a Software Development Kit (SDK) that can be integrated into a mobile application or website to interact with our identity protocol.

At what stage is the project?

We're currently going through alpha testing. An closed beta is scheduled for Q4 2018.


Where are your offices located?

Our business offices are in New Zealand and Singapore. 

Are your developer’s full-time employees?

Our developers are mainly full-time employees with a small number of outsourced resources.

Know Your Customer (KYC) / Anti Money Laundering (AML) Process

How does the KYC/AML process work?

We will be using the Blockhaus Token Sales Application (TGE) to ensure that responsible investment practices are followed when raising funding. We will also use the SingleSource KYC services to verifying identities and perform background checks. You will be able to complete the process via Blockhaus TGE App. You will be required to provide identification documents before your investment is accepted.

What is the age limit for participation?

The minimum age to buy CERTI tokens is 18 years old.

When does the KYC/AML process happen?

You must satisfy the KYC/AML process prior to participation in the token sale. To ensure you don't miss out on the Token Sale, please ensure that you register early.

Are there countries where we cannot participate from?

In order to be compliant with local legislation, the following countries cannot participate in our Token Sale:

  • China
  • United States of America
  • South Korea
  • New Zealand
  • Singapore
  • and sanctioned territories.