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SingleSource: Enabling Transactions That are Secure Yet Frictionless


With financial institutions leveraging more and more technologies such as AI, blockchain, and social biometrics for their KYC processes, a distinguished selection panel and the Banking CIO Outlook editorial board selected their top KYC solution providers that leverage innovative technologies and strategies to enhance today’s KYC processes.

While it helps businesses identify low-risk customers, it should also help to easily onboard and retain them. All while customers should enjoy streamlined transactional experiences. However, traditional onboarding and KYC processes present a number of challenges for organisations and consumers alike - relating to data security, accuracy of risk assessment, KYC compliance, and customer experience.


SingleSource helps to solve these challenges by automating the whole KYC process, enabling businesses to verify and attest identity data, provided by your customers via our mobile app.


Kelvin Chandran “Our automated KYC leads to more efficient fraud detection and simplified processes for customer services.”
- Kelvin Chandran, SingleSource CEO


We are truly honoured to be named one of Banking CIO Outlook’s “Top 10 KYC Solution Providers - 2018."  Learn more about the functionality of SingleSource KYC solutions and services, and insights into the strengths, vision, and roadmap of the company in their article.